Garnet Blackburn with Under Construction Safety, LLC has a very unique teaching style that allows her to relate to construction workers and the conditions they experience on the jobsite. Her knowledge, field experience, and confidence had our guys within the first 5 minutes of the class.  Garnet sets goals and learning expectations high, and uses a mix of hands-on and classroom styles to achieve learning objectives. She strives to ensure that each class member has the opportunity to feel and be successful in learning the material so they can use it on the job.  We hired Garnet with Under Construction Safety, LLC. to conduct 24 hours of fall protection competent person training for 50 of our supervisors and lead employees. I can confidently say that it is the best technical training class that I have ever attended, and we will use Under Construction Safety, LLC for our future training needs.

Charlie Adams, Safety Director, Hampton Roads Mechanical of Virginia

“The experience and real life examples provided by the trainer.”

Walter Whitson, Onopa Services LLC

“One on one interaction.”

David Perkins, Salt Air

“Very applicable to job requirements.”

J. Bibb, Restoration Roofing

When asked what is most valuable about the training:

“Details of life/job-specific situations. Interaction!”

“Wonderful class! Organized & EXTREMELY informative. Great atmosphere & learning experience. Information that I can take back to my employees & peers.”

S. Horgan, MNS West, Inc.

“The classroom setting was interactive and kept my attention.”

Sean Evans, NBA Contractors

“The knowledge to adapt to my company as a leader.”

Jose Portillo, JP Glazing, Inc.

“GREAT CLASS! Would highly recommend.”

J. Ballard, Restoration Roofing

When asked what is most valuable about the training:

“The hands on training and examples of how to successfully incorporate the training received into the real world activities.”

Aaron Lawson, Evergreen Foam

“The real world situations that were shared with the class by the instructor seems to be the most valuable thing in the training. This was a very professional and insightful course.”

Robert Melendes, All Phase Solutions

“Friendly instructors. Very easy to comprehend the material because of that.”

Pinrecko Artise, LEEBCOR Services

When asked about what was most valuable in the course:

”The passion associated with the course to ensure the content was absorbed. This was the best fall protection course, all the attendees stayed alert and engaged.”

Sean Foreman, LEEBCOR Services

When asked about what was most valuable in the course:

“Real world scenarios with different contractors, hands on equipment to really understand the do’s, don’ts.”

Charles Canham, Precision A/C

When asked about what was most valuable in the course:

“The knowledge from the trainer and experience that the trainer had, also all questions were answered in a professional way. Everything in this training was valuable to me. It was held in a professional setting, a very well informed trainer, and the trainer was willing to answer all questions. If (the trainer) didn’t know the answer she was very efficient at figuring it out.”

Brendon Bailey, NESI

“Very well explained. Very knowledgeable. Great examples.”

Nester Sandoval, B & B Marine

“I liked when we looked at pictures and tried to identify what was wrong.”

Mark Sonfield, ClarkCo Construction

When asked what was most valuable in the training:

“The vast information that can be obtained to assist in my own FPP. Garnet was very knowleadgeable and interactive. She made the entire course interesting.”

J. Mark Mitchell, Cheyenne Steel, Inc.